Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brenda Martin could be returning to Canada within weeks

An encouraging bit of news for Brenda Martin: "Martin to return to Canada regardless of verdict: Lawyer." Martin's lawyer must be pretty sure of what he's been told to be publicizing it in this manner. Or, perhaps it's just public pressure he's asserting to the end. Either way, this news sounds promising for Martin:
Jailed Canadian Brenda Martin will be back in Canada before the end of the month even if she is found guilty by a Mexican court, her lawyer says.

"I have been told that the Mexican and Canadian authorities have an agreement to extradite Brenda immediately," Guillermo Cruz Rico said Saturday in an interview in Guadalajara.

Martin has refused to sign documents that would allow her extradition to Canada if she is found guilty because they state the process could take up to nine months and she would have to serve time in a Canadian prison.

But Cruz said Mexican officials told him they will not seek any jail time for her in Mexico and Canadian officials said she would be immediately allowed back into the country.

"They said they don't care," Cruz said. "Mexico just wants her out of the country as soon as possible."
And the verdict is definitely coming:
A Mexican justice official told Canwest News Service Friday that the judge's ruling was completed Thursday evening.
It certainly sounds as if the public pressure from Canada has led the Mexicans to the brink of righting a travesty of justice. And failing that, at the bare minimum, it appears they're not willing to take the risk of significant backlash from the Canadian travelling public.

Fingers crossed for Brenda Martin 'till Tuesday...