Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Conservative spin is on high

Somebody really needs to set out all the fallacies in what Pierre Poilievre was just spreading on CTV Newsnet, which interview was broadcast twice in the hour between 6 & 7 pm with no opposition representation. The interviewer missed some serious points.

But in a nutshell, Pierre is claiming that the in-and-out scheme is just about Conservative money, Conservative ads and good ol' freedom of speech for Conservatives to use whatever content they want in their ads. The problem for Pierre is the inconvenient fact that the in-and-out funds from the national Conservative party had the impact of taking national Conservative spending above their national limit. That's a legitimate limit on freedom of speech. And that's the limit we're talking about here, to ensure an equal playing field.

And the notion that this is all about Conservative money is bunk. When the Conservative party, on behalf of its candidates, is in court suing to get the Canadian taxpayer to refund the in-and-out money that spent less than a day in the local candidates' coffers, then that absolutely involves public, taxpayer funds. To frame it otherwise is disingenuous.

Expect a massive p.r. spin campaign a la Poilievre, to come.