Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lukiwski protesters out today

Good for these protesters:
Chanting 'homophobia has got to go,' members of Regina's gay community rallied Tuesday at the constituency office of a Conservative MP who made homophobic comments on an old video.

About 60 placard-carrying protesters called for MP Tom Lukiwski to resign over the anti-gay slurs he made on the 16-year-old video that surfaced last week.
Nathan Markwart with the Gay and Lesbian Community of Regina says Prime Minister Stephen Harper should at the very least strip Lukiwski of his parliamentary duties.

Lukiwski has apologized in the House of Commons for his remarks and Harper says the matter is closed.

But Markwart says Lukiwski still needs to answer to his Regina constituents, adding that the gay group has yet to receive a phone call or a letter from the MP.
More work to do, Mr. Lukiwski. Even if the boss man says you're golden.

Pesky thing, voters.