Monday, April 07, 2008

Rove watch

Raw Story has two excerpts from 60 Minutes' coverage last night of the Don Siegelman case. If you're fascinated and astounded by the politicization of the U.S. attorneys offices under George W. Bush and Karl Rove, then these are for you. And Scott Horton had a superb post last night about Karl Rove's suddenly public positioning on the Siegelman case in which he has been implicated as having been involved. Rove gave an interview to GQ recently and during it, he was questioned on the allegations that he had influenced the Justice Department to pursue Siegelman. Rove's reponse to the GQ reporter, as I read it at the end of last week, struck me as suddenly oddly detailed and multi-faceted. Horton last night deconstructed Rove's comments, including his repeated references to the Republican campaign worker implicating Rove, Jill Simpson, as a "lunatic" or "loon." There was also Rove's tarring of CBS as a "shoddy operation" versus the Rove endorsement of right wing blog, Powerline. It's all in the Rove playbook, Horton notes. And if Rove can freely say such things publicly to GQ, then surely he can also say them in front of congress. Or take the fifth.

Here's a bit of the 60 Minutes update:

Note at the end Rove's statement to 60 Minutes. He claims he never spoke to anyone at the Justice Department or the White House about the Siegelman case. No word, however, on whether he ever spoke to anyone in Alabama about it, where much of the action occurred. And no word on whether he had any surrogates do anything on his behalf.