Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Run away! Run away!

"Tories downplay talk of reopening Constitution over Quebec nationhood." You don't say. Methinks Mr. Blackburn got a little carried away in his interview with the Globe in disclosing the Conservative agenda and he's been slapped into silence and retreat by the higher ups, principally in the Conservative communications machine. Isn't it interesting the way these things seem to happen when the PM and Ms. Buckler are overseas. The comments of Mr. Blackburn certainly ignited the Bloc today, predictably, in Question Period.

Here's Mr. Blackburn's withdrawal of his yesterday bravado:
The Conservative government is downplaying talk that it plans to launch a new round of constitutional negotiations, amid a frenzy of speculation over comments by a top cabinet minister.

On Tuesday, Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn told the Globe and Mail newspaper that the government wants to "put some meat" on - formalize - its recognition of Quebec as a nation with a new constitutional deal. He said that would only happen if the Tories get a majority government.

On Wednesday, Blackburn played down the possibility of reopening the Constitution.

"I think everyone can see the fruit is not ripe at this stage," he said.

"As Quebecers, we can all hope to see the day when all these measures are part of the Canadian Constitution. However to do it, you need the will of the provinces, you need the right circumstances to head in that direction. . .

"Reopening the constitutional file is not something easy - it's something important, major."

He did not say whether the fruit would be ripe if the Conservatives won a majority government.
And there's this comical display from the rest of the scurrying troops today:
Other Conservatives remained mum on the issue Wednesday.

The vast majority of MPs left their weekly caucus meeting through a back exit to avoid the media.
Oh yes, fear has been put into them all right...:)