Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still being raided...that's a shame

CBC is reporting that the raid continues today:
RCMP officers and Elections Canada officials are continuing their search for documents inside Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa a day after raiding the party's offices, CBC News has learned.
The CBC's James Fitz-Morris was outside Conservative headquarters on Wednesday as the officials emerged with several boxes of documents.

The door to the party headquarters is now under guard after dozens of media cameras — as well as a Liberal research team — descended upon the offices to capture Tuesday's raid.
Guards? You don't say. That's an evocative picture that captures just what this government is all about.

Meanwhile, the scorched earth Conservatives continue with their reckless campaign to tar Elections Canada as a partisan institution: "Tories accuse Elections Canada of inviting Liberals to election probe raid." Seems to me it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on in Ottawa yesterday. It's big news when the governing party's headquarters is raided. Those things spread like wildfire in the capitol. Even the NY Times is on it. So the continuing smearing of Elections Canada as having been responsible for the news travelling is irresponsible and frankly, to use the PM's vernacular, an outrage:
Conservative MPs are complaining that Elections Canada made a media "circus" out of a raid this week on Tory party headquarters.

Never mind the reason for the raid itself - Elections Canada says it was searching for documents related to its investigation of the Tories over allegations of election campaign overspending.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says his concern is that media cameras were present Tuesday when the Mounties were entering and leaving the party's offices.

Ottawa-area Conservative Pierre Poilievre (PWAH'-lee-ehv) goes further, accusing Elections Canada of inviting the Liberal party to watch the raid unfold.
I actually hope they continue to put the cherub Poilievre out there, in front on such issues. He's a harsh, rabid partisan. Not exactly the kind of guy that will build up good will in the public.

This continues to be an incredibly educational reflection upon Stephen Harper's leadership. He's at war with Elections Canada. And for a Prime Minister, that's off the charts.