Sunday, April 27, 2008

That's a shame

Harpie's traits are turning people off. A new poll asks some interesting questions:
A new Canadian Press-Harris-Decima survey suggests 55 per cent of respondents felt Harper doesn't offer much optimism or inspiration.
Another 55 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: "There is something about Stephen Harper I just don't like."

The sentiment was strongest east of Manitoba and among NDP voters and those age 25-34, but it also included about a third of those who voted Conservative in the last election.
Hey...have people been reading the "What I don't like about Stephen Harper" posts, or what...:) Oh, and try, try, try, as hard as you can, all you pollsters to tell us that for all Mr. Harper's problems, Mr. Dion has even bigger ones. Right. Harper is the PM and his record will be on full display. The Conservatives have tried - with a lot of success to date - to make the primary election question Stephane Dion. It's not. Harper, his record and priorities will get plenty of focus. With the in-and-out publicity along with Cadscam, the narrative on Harper's suitability as PM is escalating.

While pundits have argued that Harper is gaining a reputation as a mean-spirited character, Anderson said that feeling is shared by only 37 per cent of respondents to the latest survey.

However, 47 per cent reported Harper was more aggressive and partisan than they had expected.
"Only" 37% say he's mean-spirited? Are you kidding me? That's a sizeable number for such a trait. If, say, 17% said he was mean-spirited, then I would use such a word as "only." And those aggressivity and partisan numbers, just killer.

So sad, I'm tellin' ya to see such numbers...he is what he is, no matter how hard he tries...:)