Monday, April 21, 2008

Why the RCMP were there

Poring through documents...just want to get some observations out there.

Here was Peter Van Loan last week:

Peter Van Loan, the Conservative Government House Leader, could not explain to MPs why Corbett was compelled to get a search warrant.

"We have provided every document that has been requested by Elections Canada as a consequence of the lawsuit which we initiated with them over an interpretation of the law," said Van Loan. "We do not understand why this was necessary."

Van Loan later described Corbett's use of the RCMP as "an imaginary scandal."

The search warrant application describes the purpose of the RCMP's participation in the warrant's execution in detail. Notably the participation of at least one member of the force's Integrated Technological Crimes Unit for purposes of forensic analysis of computers, including these abilities of the RCMP staff:

Doesn't sound so imaginary.