Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A belated shout out to this guy

Video here from the Canadian Press on yesterday's Ethics Committee in-and-out hearings.

Boy, that Douglas Lowry (interviewed on the video above) was a fascinating witness, wasn't he?
The official agent for a Conservative candidate in Toronto told The Canadian Press yesterday that he and other potential witnesses were told by an organizer for the federal party as late as Monday that they didn't have to testify at the inquiry if they didn't want to.

Douglas Lowry said the organizer, whom he named as Carmen McGregor, gave the advice after he and others received summonses from the Commons ethics committee.

"We've all been told," Mr. Lowry said.
Mr. Lowry made the surprising admission to the committee that the federal party transferred $50,000 to his candidate's campaign in the Toronto riding of Trinity Spadina only because there was no hope the campaign would reach its local spending limit on its own.

He said he transferred the money back to the party only a week later in payment for radio and television ads his campaign had nothing to do with.

Furthermore, he admitted the payment would have meant $30,000 in election rebates for the Trinity Spadina Tory campaign had candidate Sam Goldstein won more than 10 per cent of the vote.
So matter of fact, yeah, we all knew...the party was thinking "long term" when they put the money in-and-out...thanks for coming, guy!