Friday, August 22, 2008

Bock bock bock bock bock bock

Oh my, Harpie's running around like a chicken with his head cut off...dear me, he doesn't know what to do. That darn Dion is touring around southern Ontario in campaign mode and it's upsetting dear Harpie. Blasted, Dion, come meet with me and assure me of your cooperative tone for the fall session! I cannot have you gaining any kind of strength with those large town halls!

Poor Harpie. This here democracy is not his own personal play thing. We've got parliamentary procedure and his law that governs election calls. That's it. And he doesn't know what to do. For a super duper extra strong leader, he's certainly doing a lot of gum flapping through unnamed sources now to the media (what, has Teneycke been yanked?) floating trial balloons of all kinds. They're changing day by day.

Too bad early reviews of Harpie's imminent fixed election date breach are not lookin' too good.

I've changed my view of the Governor General's likely role in all this. She's likely to accede to an election request. That's her function. It's not to go about seeking coalitions. And there's likely not a coalition to be had in any event.

Looks like Harpie's making it happen now, one way or the other.

Prediction: Liberal minority. Dion is ready and Harpie knows it.