Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Karl Rove would be so proud of these Conservatives

The Commons Ethics Committee Chair had to issue summons' to Conservative witnesses today in order to ensure their appearance before the Committee next week. A well-timed evocation of Mr. Rove, the master of avoiding accountability to the people, on the part of these arrogant Conservatives.
A Commons committee is serving an extraordinary 31 summonses to unwilling witnesses it wants to testify at a probe into the Conservative "in-and-out" advertising scheme.

A dozen top Tory officials are among those being summoned to ethics committee hearings that begin next week, including two top aides to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, according to a list obtained by The Canadian Press.

The Liberal chair of the ethics committee said he signed the summonses after House officials were unable to reach potential witnesses from the Conservative party or were told the witnesses did not want to attend voluntarily.

Mississauga South MP Paul Szabo said the "word was out" that Conservative operatives would not accept invitations to appear at the probe into $1.3 million worth of Tory radio and television campaign expenses, "so I issued the summonses to all of them."
Attaboy, Szabo, subpoena them all.

Szabo pointed out the next step should this be escalated:
The committee would require approval by the Commons to compel witnesses to appear if they ignore the summonses, Szabo said.
Now let's see if they obey the summons'. Terrible optics if they don't. Love the parallels in play here.

Would not put anything past them.