Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's play word association...

Things Stephen Harper should not be saying:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper test-drove a campaign-style message tonight at a Mississauga rally, telling supporters the Liberals have a "hidden agenda" to raise taxes.
When Canadians hear "hidden agenda," in the context of political leaders...who do you think comes to mind? It's not the Liberals and taxes despite the best efforts of the great obfuscator. But by all means, keep repeating "hidden agenda," Steve. In fact, I would encourage it.

Steve and his Americanized view of Canada...running a carbon copy Republican campaign. Check out this latest McCain ad for a good bet on what we will see from Harper and his Conservative/Republican gang, based on Harper's recent tax rhetoric. McCain attacking Obama on not being a leader, taxes and gas prices. Get ready, Canada, here's what's coming:

Yep, that's the Harper stuff.

And here's an old Bush effort on taxes that seems trifling in comparison to where the Republicans are now:

I think some "hidden agenda" ads would be a capital idea, now that you've put it in play, Harpie...:)