Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The new media openness

Regarding Harper's B.C./Alberta highway announcement today, audio appears on Harpie's home page. Although it is needlessly and noticeably cropped off before he started answering questions. Afraid to show the people the PM's answers to media questions, are we?

People are now missing the audio of Harper's gratuitous digs at the Liberals embodied in his repeated references to poor old Myron Thompson having had to wait 13 years for his new highway extravaganza. Because the Liberals didn't care about people's highway safety, after all, this being the implicit message from the PM. And he assured us at the end that it was not being announced at this moment for electoral reasons:
"Upgrading the Trans Canada Highway from coast-to-coast is one of our highest priorities and today's announcement is an important step forward in that plan," said Harper. He said the highway funding was not a pre-election announcement.

"We'll win this with or without the highway. This is for the good of the country."
Yep, better to just crop it off...