Thursday, August 14, 2008

"No contest"

John Williamson of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation writing in an op-ed today:
"In fact, it is no contest between the Harper government's spending and that of Mr. Chretien's government. The Grits exercised greater fiscal discipline."
Say it ain't so...interesting piece on Harper's spending extravaganza this summer, if you're interested.

And by the way, here's the latest Harper campaign spending, announced today:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper dropped by the small, eastern Newfoundland town of Cupids Thursday to announce more than $3 million in funding for the town's 400th anniversary.

Harper, on a two-day campaign-style swing through Newfoundland and New Brunswick, says the funding will help organizers mark the anniversary with a celebration in 2010.
As debris rained down on scores of houses during last week's explosion at a propane plant in Toronto, no one was thinking about asbestos contamination.

They are now - and critics are warning there is not much help out there for anyone affected by the carcinogen. Canada doesn't specifically track asbestos-related disease, nor are there any national foundations or associations devoted to the problem.

Toronto parents were outraged after asbestos from the explosion was found in a playground where children continued to play days after the incident.

But many hope the incidents will expose the lack of government funding and resources available to Canadians.
Do we think a certain someone will do anything to help this community clean up its asbestos? Nah, it's Toronto, no Conservative electoral prospects there...