Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not. Majority. Worthy.

Part of a blogging theme today...

In addition to Lawrence Martin's bulls eye today that puts responsibility where it properly lies for the obstruction at the Ethics Committee this week, i.e., with the "crybaby stuff" Conservatives, there's a Star editorial as well that calls it like it is. These pieces are notable in that we can see that the print media, at least as far as we can see here, is not playing what I like to call the false equivalency game on what they saw this week from Conservatives. You know, the game that ordains all parties engage in partisan games, therefore, let's call foul on all their houses and in so doing give a pass to the Conservatives' special brand of obstruction. Nah ah. There was one party clearly responsible for thumbing its nose at Parliament this week in an unprecedented manner and they deserve to be called out for it in the major national papers in the country. When a good part of the citizenry turns its minds to those editorial pages on a weekend. Because, frankly, the television media were noticeably missing in action on reporting accurately on the goings on at the Ethics Committee this week. So here's an excerpt from the Star editorial, the part following their itemization of Conservative disruption this week that moves on to its impact:
This disrespect fits the pattern behind the Conservatives' so-called "in-and-out" scheme, which pooled untapped advertising spending limits from local ridings so that the national campaign could exceed permissible ceilings by more than $1 million. Elections Canada says $1.3 million was transferred into the local bank accounts of 67 candidates, then sent back to the national campaign.

It was a dubious moral calculation back then. And the party's latest theatrics may be another miscalculation. By thumbing their noses at Parliament, and aggressively casting aspersions against Elections Canada, the Conservatives are giving voters fresh insights into their modus operandi in the last campaign – and the next one.

Opposition MPs have accused the Conservatives of contempt of Parliament. By turning the committee hearings into a three-ring circus, on a fundamental question of election fairness, the Conservatives are showing their disdain for democracy itself.
The petulant Harper Conservatives just can't help themselves. At least they do us the favour of showing us all who they are...