Friday, August 22, 2008

Of course they did

Garth Turner tells quite the tale on his blog tonight as to why "ten percenters" his office sought to send out to citizens to invite them to the event in his riding never arrived. Seems they were printed and ready to be sent on August 6th and went to Canada Post the next day for delivery. But they were not delivered in time for an August 20th event.

Two out of town Conservative ten percenter fliers did arrive in Garth's riding, however, in the interim.

And there's this bit of news:
Obviously, we called the postal service to get an explanation. Human error, said Gilles Campeau, our Canada Post liason. Sorry.

But M. Campeau also made it known that because of the barrage of mailings by out-of-town MPs, the agency’s workload has increased, “by 500%.” He also let it slip he’d been pressured by CRG (the Conservative Research Group – the marketing arm of the Harper caucus) to give it preferential treatment. Finally he told us that, “trucks are pulling up non-stop from printers all over the city (Ottawa)” full of MP literature, and they can’t keep up. (emphasis added)
So was it error or has Canada Post been succumbing to Conservative pressure to advantage Conservative ten percenters? That would certainly explain the carpet bombing of the nation with Conservative propaganda. What business does Canada Post have advantaging Conservatives? And more importantly, what business do Conservative hacks have manipulating mail service? If pressuring Canada Post to prefer Conservative mail causes delays to other mail, it makes me wonder about little provisions like this in the Canada Post Corporation Act:

49. Every person commits an offence who unlawfully and knowingly abandons, misdirects, obstructs, delays or detains the progress of any mail or mail conveyance.

1980-81-82-83, c. 54, s. 43.

The offences under the Act seem to be quite narrow and this section appears to be the most applicable. The inclusion of "unlawfullly" though seems to set the bar high. Interfering with mail, as is alleged here and if it is achieving its desired end, should rightly be prohibited.

One more instance of the Harper Conservatives advantaging themselves at all costs. Do we need a full time investigatory committee to police these individuals or what? And how much more evidence do we need of how far they're prepared to go?