Saturday, August 09, 2008

The one, the only...Kathy Griffin

Live from Massey Hall Friday of the Impolitical comedic faves. Here's a very short video of her bit on "Arper" and "Chretien" (the very first part is about Bush being a f*%#tard and how we were right not to go to Iraq). Plus a bonus swat on Guantanamo Bay. Lucky I primed the camera for these moments. Hope you can hear OK, it's pretty clear. My camera always makes it appear that I'm farther away than I actually was. Oh well. The house was virtually packed, as Kathy informed the audience at the beginning in her inimitable way: "Sold out, motherf*%#ers!" Love her and her sarcastic, biting humour. A fine Friday evening in downtown T.O....:)