Tuesday, August 12, 2008


OK, a quick post off the top of my head here...while I am largely in agreement with a good deal of what thwap said here, I respectfully disagree that bloggers who support the Dion team should abandon the Liberals and hang our heads and admit that we are "almost as bad" as the Conservatives. If we had a Liberal government right now there would be (not an exhaustive list): no precipice of a federal deficit; a full Court Challenges Programme: no bs immigration changes; an environmental policy that Canadians want; a competent Foreign Affairs policy that does not mimic the Bush administration; and no attack on the democratic institutions in this country, including Elections Canada and the parliamentary system where Conservatives appear to be presently intimidating witnesses. Liberals are as bad as the Conservatives? Um, no thanks. That approach is a recipe for a Conservative majority government and I will decline from joining in. It's Naderesque circa 2000, Gore is as bad as Bush. And look what they ended up with.

So the best answer for some of we here bloggers is to continue to criticize the Harper crowd with vigour. And do whatever one pleases in their respective ridings to achieve the defeat of that government. The Liberals remain the major electoral alternative to the Conservatives and that isn't likely to change in this or foreseeable elections. Dion is not Martin and he's not Chretien. Should the Dion Liberals be prevented from moving forward and raising legitimate criticism because of adscam and other sins of the past?

I'm supporting Dion as he's a decent, intelligent thoughtful leader - yes, leader - who will be a damned significant improvement on the current occupant of the PM's office. Want Harper to continue? Then by all means, appeal to people to abandon the "corrupt institution."

So, carry on. To each his or her own. But I guess it'll be tough for me since my head will be in my ass...:)