Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The ten percenters have arrived

The leftist enclave of Parkdale-High Park has officially lost its ten percenter virginity. The massive waste of taxpayer money by Conservatives must be going nation wide.

We have been invaded by...Blaine Calkins, Conservative MP from...Wetaskawin, Alberta. Yee haa. Lecturing us about "lax Liberal rule" which permitted junkies and drug pushers near "children and families." I'm sure Mr. Calkins knows a lot about that, being from the thriving metropolis of...Lacombe, AB. I am so heartened at the wise use of my taxpayer dollars by Conservatives. Although I truly would have been happier with one from Bev Oda. Or Helena Guergis. Maybe we should treat them like a rogue's gallery of trading cards...

Um, how pictures of needles on beaches will sway anybody in this community is beyond me. Nice fear tactics, Conservatives. Reinforcing why it is a far, far, far away day indeed that a Conservative would ever hope to be elected in this riding.