Thursday, August 14, 2008

When Conservative witnesses attack...

This is not the kind of conduct any ordinary Canadian would ever be able to get away with:
The Commons ethics committee is in an uproar again as it wrestles with the question of Conservative ad spending in the last federal election.

A former Tory candidate began shouting at MPs after he showed up unannounced and demanded to be heard.

Sam Goldstein, a lawyer who ran for the party in Toronto and participated in the party's "in and out" advertising scheme, began yelling at committee chair Paul Szabo and NDP MP Pat Martin as the panel adjourned for lunch.
Goldstein didn't show up on Tuesday as he was summoned to do, but says he was pleading a trial at the time and couldn't make it.
Scott Tribe has the context from Kady O'Malley. pogge has an excellent take as well.

There's a level of hostility and outrage on display from Conservatives that is something to behold. It deserves all of our attention.