Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Where's the beef?"

A reader cites the following opinion item from the Star yesterday:
This is the appropriate time for one of my favorite anecdotes. In April 1945, after president Franklin Roosevelt died in Warm Springs, Ga., a train made the 700-mile journey carrying the remains back to Washington, where six white horses drew his funeral caisson through the thronged streets of the nation's capital to the White House.

Along the route, the crowds were more than 20 deep and grieving. One well-dressed man who was almost inconsolable, with tears streaming down his cheeks, was noticed by a reporter. The reporter approached the man, remarked upon how grief-stricken he was, and asked, "Excuse me, sir, but did you know president Roosevelt personally?" "No," answered the man, "I did not know president Roosevelt. But he knew me."
And asks some questions:
That's the kind of political leadership lacking today. No honest debate with respect for your opponent. No discussion of issues to reach any compromise. Just "mud wrestling." There may be holes in the Green Shift policy. But -- it is a policy. What is the Conservative plan? Do they have one?

The CMA (Canadian Medical Association) estimates that by the year 2031, some 800,000 Canadians will die from the effects of pollution and smog, Yet, the Conservatives want to reduce greenhouse gases by a small percentage by 2050."Where's the beef?" Dion has given Canadians an idea. The best the Conservatives can do is to mud wrestle. They "do not know us." So where's Harper's "leadership"?
(Link and CMA definition added) Those are some darn good questions...:)