Friday, September 26, 2008

Anti-Harper grassroots movements in the news

"Web crusade" against the Conservatives is gaining strength, according to this Winnipeg Free Press report passed along by a reader.
The Anti-Harper Vote Swap group on Facebook -- which was investigated and cleared by Elections Canada to ensure it didn't contravene election laws -- has almost 9,000 members, and is growing by between 500 and 800 a day, founder Mat Savelli says.

The latest offering -- -- hit the Internet Wednesday and founder Kevin Grandia says there were 12,200 unique visits in the first 36 hours and 81,000 different page views, suggesting visitors weren't just logging in, they were looking around the site as well.
In addition to the voteforenvironment site, which I think is an awesome tool for anyone interested in defeating the Conservatives, super user-friendly with a great riding by riding snapshot, there's also this group, that is quickly raising funds to advertise against 3 of Harper's top MP's, including John Baird.

Lots of action out there, keep spreading the word...and open your wallets, people. $10, $25, whatever you have to give to an organization, political is the time if you've never done it before. Barack Obama has brought in a ton of new donors to the Democratic party, we need to have the same commitment up here, from here on in and beyond the election, and not leave the financial advantage to the Conservatives.