Monday, September 15, 2008

Fearmongering his way through Ontario

Harper speaking in London tonight continued to misrepresent the Liberal positions:
On a day when the Toronto stock exchange fell more than 500 points, Harper said the Opposition "wants to reverse everything that we have done," and again claimed the Liberals — contrary to leader St├ęphane Dion's campaign statements — would hike the GST back up to 7 per cent from 5, and "take back" the $100-a-month child care allowances.

On top of that, Harper said, Dion's carbon tax would devastate the economy.

"Ontario would be particularly hard it because of its manufacturing sector. I know Ontarians are concerned."
Stephane Dion has already pledged in this campaign that he would not raise the GST. He's also committed to adding to child care benefits, not taking anything away. The PM knows this full well.

And Mr. Harper's own government-commissioned report puts the lie to his claim that a carbon tax will harm the economy.

Yet Harper continues to repeat misinformation about those items in his stump speech.

It's truly remarkable to witness a PM resorting to such patent falsehoods in aid of his own electoral fortunes. Looks like the McCain syndrome has come north.