Monday, September 08, 2008

Has Harpie spent us into deficit?

Harpie's risky spending spree may have taken us into deficit:
The Conservative government made spending announcements totalling $8.8 billion in the three months before the election was called on Sunday, the Canadian Taxpayers Foundation (CTF) says.
Harper said the spending won't put the government finances into a deficit and will be used for "clear and affordable objectives."

Bader isn't convinced.

"In the budget that was just recently passed, spending was supposed to increase by 3.4 per cent, but in fact it's increased by over eight per cent," Bader said.
And some believe that the $8.8 billion figure is too low:
Now, I've been tracking these very same spending announcements all summer and, if you ask me, our friends at the CTF underestimated the spending announcements rolled out this summer -- by perhaps as much as $5-billion.
Now that's not responsible economic leadership Canadians can get behind!

Perhaps the narrative about Stephen Harper's steady economic hand deserves to be changed, hmmm?