Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heckled at your high school reunion

Ah, yes, good times at the high school reunion:
He was followed by a large entourage. People pulled out cameras to snap photos. And there was at least one heckler, a man who toward the end of Harper's speech shouted lustily: "What about the environment?"
...Harper's heckler wasn't impressed.

Robert Ledingham - who graduated in 1976, two years before Harper - said the prime minister's appearance seemed pretty political so he wanted to make a statement about climate change.

So he shouted at the end of his address. The taunt drew a counter-heckle from someone standing nearby, who swore at Ledingham and said it wasn't the place for political stunts.

To which a woman replied that Ledingham was perfectly within his right to protest.

"(Climate change) seems like a soft spot in his campaign, and I really think it's an important issue for all Canadians," Ledingham said later. He added that he was not politically affiliated.
Guess they couldn't screen out the non-Conservatives like they typically do. That's a shame...:)

More from the reunion:
People laughed. And while most people paid attention and offered polite cheers, the response was decidedly more muted compared to the partisan campaign rallies that Harper has been speaking to.

About a third of the people in the ornate, candle-lit hall continued chattering away with old friends while the prime minister spoke.
You know, maybe somebody wasn't so popular in high school. And perhaps it was a little offensive to turn their reunion into a Stephen Harper election event...