Monday, September 08, 2008

Is Mr. Harper a liar?

Since "liar" is the word of the day...let's look at what he's said on day one. Then what he's done on day two.

Harper on Sunday:
"To be really honest, I anticipate a very nasty, kind of personal-attack campaign," he told Lloyd Robertson, CTV's chief news anchor and senior news editor, at Harrington Lake.

"That's just what I'm anticipating; that's what the opposition's done in the past. I think that whether Canadians agree with what we're doing or not, I don't think they're going to believe the kind of personal attacks and scare tactics that we've seen in the past."
Harper's party on Monday:
The Conservatives also used the press conference to launch three French and three English ads attacking Mr. Dion.
That's got to be some kind of record.

The media, however, are clarifying for voters who the "masters" at negativity are:
...when it comes to dishing out personal invective, Harper’s Conservatives have proven themselves to be the masters. In part, that’s because the Tories were the only party flush with enough cash in the pre-election period to be able to afford a series attack ads against Dion.

They’ve run at least six campaigns in the past 20 months, starting in January 2007, only a month after Dion took the helm of the Liberal party.
Conservative character: sorely lacking.