Monday, September 15, 2008

Just what was that business experience, Mr. Harper

If anyone was following Mr. Harper's travels today, you would have heard about a policy announcement geared toward small business owners. Although, "Harper's policy details were not available." Nevertheless, in the course of the event, Harper claimed to have run a medium-sized business. A Globe contributor picked up on this and asked the question I had upon listening to the PM. Just what business did Stephen Harper run before he was in politics? Harper was president of the National Citizens Coalition and did a masters in economics. He's been on the periphery of Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative politics for a long time. It seems to have been his principal career and experience before becoming PM. Nowhere in any biography does it claim that he "ran" a small business or "medium sized business." Note that Harper made the point of differentiating his experience as having been in a "medium" sized business as opposed to a small business:
"You know, I'm from a household where before I got back into politics, both my wife and I were running small businesses. I was running, I suppose better to say a medium-sized business, and she was running a small business, and we're aware of these difficulties." (Stephen Harper, CTV NewsNet, September 15, 2008)
Just curious about this. Running a business could mean he was a manager, an employee of a business owner. Or did he own it, as was clearly the shading that was intended in his remarks and with the event today. To claim that he's "aware of these difficulties" when his actual experience in business is likely nil is disingenuous.

I'd just like to know. This is the first I've heard of Stephen Harper the small/medium sized business owner.