Thursday, September 04, 2008

"The new, more subversive and strident role that artists in Canada are about to have to take"

A "complicated" appeal in favour of government funding of the arts. Chew on this one:
"We are on the brink of a dangerous, philistine age. The Sarah Palin story is not about gender but about all sense of refinement and propriety having been lost. In these most difficult of times, in which the greater human lessons of the last century have already been forgotten, content and intellect matter not one bit. We have been reduced to vacuous idolatry of telegenic images, whether in Williams-cum-Costner-cum-Palin, or in Barack Obama ('not since the Sermon on the Mount has so much been promised by one man,' my mother said), or in our host of vapid reality shows that masquerade as culture.

We hope, as is contrived in the movies, that at the last moment these accidental leaders' better moral sense will redeem them - and us. It may not."
An excellent read on the issue today with a unique, compelling take.