Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The nightly train wreck...

The nightly Strategic Counsel grab bag offers the following noise from the battlegrounds:

- the Conservatives still lead in 20 Ontario battleground ridings but it's a 5 point lead with a margin of error of 5%. This is a drop of 14 points between Sept. 10-13 & Sept. 13-15. What? Major grain of salt here. Are they in free fall? This doesn't fit the story line at all.

- Donolo says no majority today. He says minority and there's big leeriness in these battleground ridings on giving Harper a majority:
"In Ontario battleground ridings, 53 per cent of respondents said they're worried about a Harper majority, as did 61 per cent of those in Quebec and 48 per cent in B.C."
Big time afraid in Quebec, if this is accurate.

And then, OK, we don't want a Harper majority but then the voters turn around and say this:
"But greater numbers say it's more important to ensure smaller parties such as the NDP or Greens get seats in the Commons – 66 per cent support in Ontario, 70 per cent in Quebec and 61 per cent in B.C."
Leading one to surmise that if this is all true, then more talk about strategic voting will be coming if other polls show similar findings.

And that's the nightly battleground hooey, folks!