Saturday, September 27, 2008

We don't like him

"Harper draws cheers, jeers on homecoming weekend." How'd you like to show up at your high school reunion and crowds of protesters greet your act?

A bit of reality met Mr. Harper last night:
Stephen Harper got a mixed reception as he kicked off homecoming weekend in his native Toronto - drawing loud cheers and equally loud jeers at a rally in the area where he grew up.
There were about half as many protesters as there were supporters greeting him at his first campaign stop in the city.

The anti-Harper crowd was kept at bay by police as the protesters hurled taunts at him from across the street. At least one person was pulled to the ground and handcuffed by police.

The protesters complained about his environmental policy, the war in Afghanistan, and his hands-off economic philosophy that they say is hurting Ontario's manufacturing sector.

Some also chanted "Coward" over his reluctance to wade into crowds and meet with non-Conservative partisans in this campaign.

Harper has held a number of large rallies but hasn't done any of the mainstreeting that his prime ministerial predecessors so often undertook.

Those who want to hear Harper speak at a campaign event need to sign in first before being allowed into the crowd. (emphasis added)
Amazing, hey? And if we don't get our act together, he's back baby, he's back.