Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conservative ridings in Quebec reaping financial gains according to Conservative Blackburn

"Quebec ridings that voted Tory will be better served, MP says." Talk about a distorted and inappropriate view of how government spending should occur. Conservative MP Jean-Pierre Blackburn rode to reelection by touting the "bacon" he brought home to his riding and seems to think pouring funds into Conservative ridings is an A-OK way for the government to operate. Are these the pro-Conservative parts of Quebec, Mr. Blackburn? Are you channelling Sarah Palin? I think so...
Jean-Pierre Blackburn saved himself in the last election campaign by repeatedly pointing out that he spread $247-million in federal pork as a member of the Harper government.

Now the Quebec MP and minister says that ridings that elected Conservatives on Oct. 14 will continue to be better served than those in the hands of the Bloc Québécois. In an interview, Mr. Blackburn defended his campaign tactics, which left some Conservative strategists cringing and the opposition parties fuming.

He said that his reminders of Tory largesse were factual, and that his caucus colleagues benefit from the current system.

“You can't give everything [to opposition ridings]. At some point, your colleagues also have files and you try to help them,” he said. “You have a more attentive ear and try to see if you can help them.”

Mr. Blackburn pointed to a recent $112-million federal-provincial deal for twinning Highway 175 between Quebec City and Saguenay.

“Do you a think a Bloc MP could have gotten the Saguenay-Quebec City deal?” he asked. “Do you know how many demands there are for roads in Quebec?”
(emphasis added)
Let's see if Harper puts Blackburn back in cabinet now.

I would second this post.