Friday, October 17, 2008

End of week midnight madness

With all due respect to the very eminent Who and Judas Priest picks tonight...I'm going to weigh in with something a little more modern:

Midnight Madness by the Chemical Brothers and their very cool Google Earth video concept:
Filmmakers, photographers and artists joined us in creating a unique global video project for The Chemical Brothers with Google Earth.

Entrants made their own short clip (from 2 to 20 seconds) or photograph on the theme of MIDNIGHT MADNESS. Then uploaded work via the Chemical Brothers' website to Google Earth and tagged it to it's exact global location.

A selection of the best work was chosen and featured in this new concept music video for the Chemical Brothers, executed through the Google Earth application.
Midnight Madness, a song featured in my treadmill mix that keeps me going, and captures a bit of the madness of the past few weeks...:)