Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday night ode to...truth

Happy Halloween and all that...Impolitical just officially ran out of goodies at the door. This was a remarkably busy year, lots of ghouls and scream-like monsters out and about...:) (I hate when kids wear that Scream movie mask!)

No Halloween themed music for me. And nice metal choices there, Mentarch. No, I'll go with a group that seemed like the logical choice going into a U.S. election on Tuesday that is poised to repudiate the Bush years and turn the page. So who better than the Dixie Chicks whose demonization symbolized some of the worst partisan excesses of the Bush years. Here's a live version of Truth No. 2, one of my favorites of theirs for lyrics that speak to free speech and other good stuff:

Natalie Maines was right...hope Tuesday's a good night for all those Americans who've suffered through eight long years.