Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Harper emboldened

At least judging by his tone, that's the message. He seems very happy. Canada's paid hundreds of millions for the same minority dynamic, but as long as he's happy I guess...but he didn't get a majority facing a man he mocked with millions of dollars for years. Quite an achievement.

I take it that his overly upbeat tone is meant to send a message. Likely to anyone thinking of mounting a challenge to Mr. 0-1-2.

Did he just thank Dion for his years of service? As in, see ya later, Mr. Dion, you're roadkill? A very ungracious note given Dion's speech. Yet next...he and Jack agree on priorities. Message sent.

This is the fastest speech I've ever seen anyone deliver. It's like he's busting at the result. I don't understand the glee. The minority result is inconsequential to him.

Inclusive and responsive government. That should be interesting to see.

A time to put aside political differences and partisan differences, he says. You first, Mr. Harper. You've never shown that.

They will keep their promises, do what they said they promised, they will act on what they campaigned he believes that in spite of the minority, he has a mandate to enact his policies, despite the fact that he's outnumbered. Sounds like more of the same to me.

A quick sign off..."God Bless Canada" returns. What...was there a rush to get this thing done or what? The way he rushed through this was strange...he continues to baffle, tonight was happy, hyped Harper. No inkling whatsoever of the defeat he was handed in a second consecutive minority and that was likely his intent in carrying on like this. But the facts are the facts and reality will creep up on him. Parliament will be back and committees will work. Life for Stephen Harper is not going to be as happy as he's making it out to be.