Monday, October 06, 2008

Harper scrambling on BNN

Just saw the spectacle, of the PM suddenly in the spotlight for his do-nothing economic leadership coming under fire, scrambling to do damage control on BNN. In the lead up, spokesthingy Teneycke blew as hard as he could:
“Because of what's happened on the markets today, I think a lot of people want to know what he's thinking and what the government's thinking."
“He's concerned about it and watching it very closely.”
Well now he is. Now that his polls are sliding, the p.r. onslaught is on I suppose. Note too the continued Conservative framing of Harper as if he's some kind of one-man oracle on the economy we should all stop and watch. Excuse us while we don't breathlessly heed every word. His credibility is not exactly good and he demonstrated this on BNN.

For example, he stated on BNN that the Conservatives are not going to embark on uncontrolled spending like the opposition plan to do. Yes, hold your laughter. Harper who just spent $19.2 billion since June ramping up for this election takes the opportunity to lecture us about other people's spending. Do we think it makes sense for Mr. Harper, who has supposedly been concerned about the economy and watching it carefully lo these many months, to have recklessly emptied the coffers?

Further, he pointed out, in response to one of the big issues of the day, the solidity of the housing market, that "we acted early on the 40 year mortgage." You mean the irresponsible 40 year mortgages that your very own Deficit Jim brought us in 2006? You brought it in and then acted just in July of this year to yank it back and deserve plaudits? Oh, OK then.

And throughout, repeating "we have a plan" although most are hard pressed to say what that would be, other than "stick on course," as he himself has said. But all the while taking shots at the opposition, suggesting that today's market drop, he said, would be "frankly, the tip of the iceberg" were they in charge. See his "frankly" tell once again? When Harpie says "frankly," that's when the real slime is coming. Charging his opponents with market devastation when record damage is going on under his watch. Is there no end to this shirker's finger pointing?

Do we really need to say it? Not. A. Leader.