Monday, October 06, 2008

Ironic and timely letter to the editor on Mr. Harper's character

A Globe letter to the editor that deserves a little attention in light of today's new plagiarism charge levelled against Mr. Harper:
Before I read the sprawling profile of Stephen Harper in Saturday's paper, I was an undecided voter. One of the dozens of Mr. Harper's character traits tipped the balance for me: In high school, Mr. Harper was "so straitlaced" he wouldn't let his classmates copy his homework.

I think I'll be voting for the nerdy guy who believes people can stand on their own two feet. (emphasis added)
As a reader points out, the irony is dripping here...with Mr. Harper now having been exposed as delivering speeches with copied components from Mr. Howard, Mr. Harris, and today's development, from a right wing think tank on the monopoly of the Wheat Board, Mr. Harper has certainly come a long way since high school, hasn't he? The straitlaced nerdy guy who believed other people can stand on their own two feet. Him? Not so much.