Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morning after notes...

Watch Dona Cadman, new Conservative MP for Surrey North, finally "answer" a question on the Harper-Zytaruk-defamation-$1million insurance policy extravaganza. Truly insightful. Expect much more of this from new Harper MP's everywhere. The contrast when you listen to someone like Hedy Fry, for example, and then hear Dona Cadman is remarkable.

Michael Fortier was the only Harper minister to go down. He barely came second over a first time Liberal candidate. Talk about a major embarrassment. Andre Bachand is another.

Wajid Khan lost in Mississauga-Streetsville. The international man of mystery has been grounded. I'm tellin ya, that's a sad tale indeed.

Helena Guergis won handily, by more than 30% over her nearest rival. This guy was right, a post turtle could win in that riding. And did. Guess the joke's on me for continually pointing out the existential absurdity of Ms. Guergis sitting in cabinet. I will be consoled, however, by the prospect of continued hilarity.

Gerard Kennedy's shockingly solid win still surprises me. That this riding was not close is quite the result. For Mr. Kennedy, however, I wouldn't be reading too much into it.

Leading to for all the leadership questions, that's for another day. I've been a supporter of Stephane Dion for a long time and won't do what many are doing today. He's a decent politician who doesn't deserve a lot of what's been piled on to him, from many, many quarters. He didn't win and he undoubtedly accepts responsibility, as the leader for what's happened. His speech was gracious last night and he showed his decency again, in stating he'd work in the parliament that's been elected. That's all I will say for now...I am glad, however, to see that Mr. Harper's leadership and his future is getting some attention as well.