Friday, October 24, 2008

On the radio...:)

Light blogging today...I was a little preoccupied this afternoon with a radio interview I just completed. I was fortunate to go on the "Blog Bunker" on Sirius Satellite Radio. It's a show on their Indie Talk Channel, 110. So if anyone out there is hooked up to Sirius, check it out, I believe they replay it in a few hours.

I think it went OK, actually. Spent some time talking about the usual suspects...the Canadian view of the U.S. election, the problems the next President will face, the vice-presidential candidates and who should have been chosen, the Republican endorsements that are piling up for Obama, etc. Hopefully I was able to add some insightful commentary to these much discussed topics.

It's a bit of a blur right now in my mind, but I do believe I was able to say at one point, "welcome to my nightmare" in referring to the reelection of Harper...:)

If they come calling, go ahead and do it, it was great fun.