Sunday, October 05, 2008

Parkdale-High Park Liberal supporters also targeted

The thugs are expanding their attacks to my riding:
The Liberals say more than two dozen homeowners in two different Toronto ridings awoke this weekend to find the brakes on their vehicles tampered with.

At least 14 homeowners who agreed to display Liberal campaign signs on their property in the midtown Toronto riding of St. Paul’s had their brake lines either cut or damaged on Friday night.

The Liberals now say at least 11 other supporters also had their vehicles hit on Saturday night in the west-end riding of Parkdale-High Park.

Some vehicles also had the letter L keyed into the side, anti-Liberal graffiti was spray painted on some homes, and phone and cable lines were cut.
We have a sign on our lawn. It will not be taken down.

Update (6:05) for further context:

Conversation between Impolitical and the Impolitical husband earlier today:

I: So, did you read the Star report?

IH: Yeah, so?

I: Well, do you have any reaction?

IH: Bust a move, I'm ready to go...

End of story.