Thursday, October 02, 2008

Semi-liveblogging the first hour of the debate

Tonight is a much different story. The dynamic is largely being affected by a weak moderator. Harper is getting to respond to everyone and it's becoming a PM/Opposition dynamic too much. Paikin is a disaster. Twice he's asked Harper questions like, "are you getting a bad rap?" and "Are your policies successful?" We had none of that last night.

Harper is loving the way this is going. His tone is much better than last night, it does veer into whining at times, but he's clearly happy about how things are going. If someone's having a drinking game out there for every time Harper says "Let's be clear," well, they're getting well into the tank.

Harper at one point said, "I believe all you guys are sincere but...." lumping them all together and if that's the dynamic, it's not good for anyone else.

Dion's best answer of the night as of the first hour or so was on the arts. He's gotten his sea legs at the one hour point on this issue which clearly inspires him. Best shots of the night.

Everyone's decent but no one is able to throw Harper off yet.