Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Semi-liveblogging the French language debate

Random observations from the first hour...

Duceppe looks assured, striking an effective posture for the role he plays, speaking to Quebec's interests. May is sharp, getting in some good shots at Harper, perhaps some of the most pointed. Her French is better than expected. Layton is doing his thing, he's a good communicator.

Dion has done well. I know, I know, I'm a partisan, but he's speaking to what he'd do as a government, speaking to a vision. A good 3 point plan there at the beginning to address the financial credit crisis issues. The environment permeated the discussions thus far, connecting to the economic issues.

Mr. Harper is looking down at times, he's shrugging his shoulders, his tone is a little whiny at times, like he's put upon. It looks like the others are all getting under his skin. He's been called out on his constant partisan attacks on critics, particularly during the listeriosis discussion. He's been laughed at, collectively, a few times. Very satisfying moments.

Harper is virtually absent from the environmental discussion and Dion was able to speak to his approach, break through the five person logjam.

8:49: Harper's tone is again whiny and throwing up his hands again...not good body language.

Dion: you've been there two and a half years and you can't even produce the plan...! Ha!

I love this little session at the end where they all go in a circle and speak positively about another leader. It tested their authenticity. Harper's speaking about Layton was awfully uncomfortable, like it was hard for him. Dion spoke eloquently about Duceppe.

More next hour...