Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Semi-liveblogging Harper on CBC...it's not good

Um, Harpie is live on CBC with Mansbridge and it's a disaster...he's completely on the defensive, irritable, forcing a faked smile, speaking very quickly, speaking over Mansbridge...I don't know when this started, but I saw about 20 minutes of it. I cannot think this appearance has done him any good at all.

Harper said at one point that he thinks there are some great buying opportunities in the stock market. Hear that, Canadians? Get yer stockbroker on the phone! Are you kidding me? When he reverts back into economist mode he's fatally disconnected. Most Canadians are watching the value of their pensions and savings deteriorate. It's not top of mind for anyone to be buying, unless they're well-cushioned speculators, and that's not the majority of Canadians.

Mr. Harper also continued to obsess on that debate moment when he accused Dion of "panicking" by articulating an action plan to execute immediately upon becoming PM. Dion's plan sounds comparable to the actions being taken around the world by G7 leaders. Harper's the exception. He's attempting to embellish his claim that Dion is panicking by saying things like "when you make it up on the fly it's dangerous." ...well, Mr. Harper's releasing a platform a week away from an election. Who's making it up on the fly? Who's panicking here?

Harper also said at one point that we need a PM who won't do something "stupid" when pressure is on. The insulting level of discourse he continues to foist upon us is striking. It's pure scare tactics at this point.

Bafflegab in response to Mansbridge asking him about his gala quip. He's basically sticking to his quote. Said he was "baited into an argument" instead of talking policy. So it's the reporter's fault?

If he gets a minority, will he view the election call as a failure? Harpie: I never promised a majority, says two minorities in a row is a strong mandate...say what? Someone's spinning already...

He's saying whoever loses will likely have to go off and recontemplate their future...trying again to insinuate about the opposition, namely Mr. Dion. With a week to go, he's resorting to this kind of talk. If anyone is going to have leadership difficulties in the near future, it's Mr. Harper. If he gets a second minority, and that's becoming much more of an "if," as of today, it will be Mr. Harper who hears footsteps for his repeated inability to close the deal with the Canadian people.

The interview is apparently going to be re-broadcast on the National.

Update (4:45 p.m.): From CP this afternoon:
Monday's 573-point bloodbath on the Toronto Stock Exchange was the third massive drop in a week and came as most western governments, with the exception of Canada, embarked on massive economic interventions. (emphasis added)