Monday, October 27, 2008

So he is testing the waters...

Looks like I was mistaken last week in saying it didn't sound like Manley was looking to be a candidate in the leadership: "Manley tests Liberal waters." Although I still maintain that his predominant posture of reluctance is telling, and he is still citing money and organizational structure as key factors in his decision calculus. He's certainly a blunt guy who tells it like it is. Here was his statement on the inevitable question...yes, John, why did you provide political cover to the PM on Afghanistan?

He also acknowledged some Liberals may look down on his being appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to lead a panel that looked at the future of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan.

"But if there's anybody out there that thinks that being a Liberal is more important than being a Canadian, well I'm not in their party," he said.

Interesting that we're hearing from Manley today when the person whose name has really circulated much more so in the undercurrents has been McKenna's. Guess Manley's decided to make a bit of a move before other trains leave the station, so to speak.