Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sowing division to the end

From a Saturday interview, remarkably self-centred and divisive politicking: "Harper hints he may step down if Tories lose election." The strategist in chief seems to have gotten bent out of shape when challenged by a Toronto Sun reporter. When he's cornered, he flubs. Questioned by Mansbridge earlier this week, it produced his now infamous advice to Canadians that there are buying opportunities in the stock market.

So tonight we read that a reporter challenged him on his message of the day:

In an interview Saturday with the Toronto Sun, Harper was challenged on his claim that the election of the Conservatives is the only way to stop a carbon tax. The reporter asked if it isn't equally possible that a minority Liberal government would be constrained by the opposition of other parties would even face defeat if it tried to pass its policy.

Harper said he did not believe there would be "any appetite in Parliament or in the public for another election. I think whoever loses the election of the major parties, their party will begin the process of looking for a new leader." But Harper said he would not end up supporting a carbon tax simply to avoid another election.

"I'm running to win this election. If I don't win this election, I'm sure my party will look for another leader," Harper said.

It certainly appears that sensing vulnerability to his argument that the Conservatives must be elected to stop a carbon tax, he blurted out that if he doesn't win, he's outta here. Pretty telling that his own leadership is immediately where he went. Give me what I want or I'll quit. The air of a sore loser, don't you think? Is this why they're cutting off media availability?

It could also be that he's trying to secure his own leadership by suggesting he'd have to lose to be replaced. It's equally possible, however, that leadership rumblings will occur even if Harper ends up with a second minority. At some point, Conservatives are going to have to recognize that they can't grow with this guy.

What's also likely is that Harper is seeking to sow division among Liberals and sow confusion in the public mind about his principal opposition. That's just more of what we've seen for over two years. Distortion and destruction that he seeks to sow in another party.

Listening to such self-centred electoral musings from the PM, whatever his intent here, it's further confirmation that this man's time needs to be up. We need to ensure that we're defeating Conservatives wherever we can and voting accordingly. As one of his trusted advisers has stated, Mr. Harper's goal is to destroy his political opposition. It's the only way a Conservative malevolent can survive in this country. Mr. Harper's comments tonight should highly motivate Liberals and progressives across the country approaching voting day to turf this manipulative individual.

How satisfying it would be to make his prediction of leadership turnover come true...but in his own case, of course.