Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unnamed Conservative party spokesman says Newfoundland can take a hike

Anonymous Conservatives speak too and not so high-mindedly. Just give them the opportunity and they rarely disappoint.

In response to the mayor of St. John's asking that Harper appoint a Newfoundland senator or some other individual to represent Newfoundland in cabinet, in the wake of no federal Conservative winning a seat in Newfoundland, we read this:
...an unnamed Conservative party spokesman said Newfoundlanders had their chance to send a message to the prime minister and have an elected member at the cabinet table.

"They spoke at the ballot box, and if they support and agree with the premier's message that it doesn't actually hurt them to not have someone at the cabinet table to speak for them, I don't see what would even spur this campaign on."
They just can't help themselves. Way to handle this request, Conservative high roader. Whatever you may think of the request from the mayor, coming in the wake of the clearly expressed intent of the Newfoundland voters, it wouldn't do the Conservatives any harm to refrain from punching such individuals in the gut. It makes it sound like they're really not so by-gonesy about Williams after all (having Junior call Williams a "mad hatter" the day before the supposed niceties are being exchanged doesn't help either)...and the we-told-you-so kind of attitude is a little annoying.