Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ethics for Dummies

Continuing on with the Dummies theme today...this installment deals with things you learn in grade school not to do. Specifically, things a serious ethical government engaged in governing at a time of world economic crisis should know better than to do.

"NDP considers legal action after Tories listen in and tape private meeting:"
A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office said there was nothing unethical about covertly listening in to the private NDP deliberations, taping those discussions and releasing them to the media.

An unidentified Tory was "invited" to participate in the call, said PMO spokesman Dimitri Soudas.

"Maybe the invitation was meant for the Bloc, and they accidentally invited us. We were invited. When you get invited somewhere you have the opportunity to choose to participate or not participate." (emphasis added)
Choices, choices. What to do when presented with such an opportunity? The better part of valour? Or sneaky subterfuge? It's not a tough call for our governing Conservatives apparently!

All of which is an interesting accompaniment to the great Harper climb down of 2008. The more the Conservatives cave, as they did today in withdrawing their draconian and likely illegal ban on the federal public service's right to strike ("...Minister of Transport John Baird said the government would not eliminate the right to strike for federal civil servants, as pledged last week"), the more they demonstrate that their governing instincts are very wrong. They are now playing catch up, that's what we'll see this week.

Undoing their economic update, piece by piece. Peddling their dirty tricks. In such a government Canadians should have confidence?