Friday, November 14, 2008

Why so secretive, "Canada's party?"

"Bar the doors: Tory delegates debate policy behind curtains." No, there isn't anything they can't mess up.
Reporters from media outlets across Canada who had come to Winnipeg for the first Conservative policy convention since March 2005 weren't even allowed to mingle among delegates outside the closed workshop doors.

Instead news media were kept beyond a tightly-controlled and curtained perimeter, where cabinet ministers were dispatched to provide occasional updates on how policy debates were getting resolved.

"Well, you'll have to take our word for it," Defence Minister Peter MacKay responded when asked why reporters weren't permitted to chronicle the give-and-take of democratic policy discussions.
Well done, Junior MacKay, you great democrat!

And even the loyalists seem to be perplexed: well-known blogging Tory was wandering the hallways outside the convention area ruefully approaching reporters and holding up his yellow, party-issued media accreditation.

"These things actually restrict access," he said.
It's your party, pal, enjoy the muzzlefest...:)

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