Sunday, December 07, 2008

2000 Alliance coalition lawyer guy speaks up

Stockwell Day's acquaintance, lawyer Gerry Chipeur, suddenly arguing that the only time a coalition can be asked to govern is immediately after an election. You know, as in if the Harper government is defeated in January, there must be an election. How self-serving and contrary to the body of opinion we've been reading this week. Um, 1979? 1985? Willful blindness much? Or just a nifty new effort to lay the groundwork to undermine the Governor General prior to the next confidence vote?
It also suggests that Conservatives may not readily accept a decision from Governor General Michaƫlle Jean should she ask the coalition to govern and refuse Mr. Harper's request for an election.
They're really master hypocrites, aren't they? Especially when they had discussions with other opposition parties themselves in 2004 to form a government if the Martin minority fell within 3 months of the election.

I'll stick with the constitutional experts over Conservative activists any time, thanks very much...