Monday, December 01, 2008

The coalition accord signed

A few thoughts on the moment...but first, this note in a Globe report:

And in a sign of how seriously the bureaucracy is taking the opposition's bid to topple the Conservatives, the Privy Council Office has asked all departments to begin preparing transition books for a new government.

For all the outward Conservative bravado, which is notably unpersuasive at the moment, objective reality is the order of the day in the government's uppermost quarters. The necessary groundwork is being laid for a transition. This has to be very demoralizing to Conservatives and impacting on their current strategy.

Thoughts on the conference:

- An historic moment, watching them sign the agreement. A public demonstration that this is happening, Canadians. Very helpful to make this coalition come to life.

- From all outward appearances, this united front is looking determined. Let the Conservatives continue to fling their intemperate language, the force field is holding.

- Dion was asked about his leadership ambitions, whether he'd be a candidate, Liberal leadership machinations, etc...and he demonstrated why he's actually the best person to be in the PM position in such a government. He's not self-interested whatsoever, as he said, he's committed to doing the work for his fellow citizens then he's turning it over, that's it. No personal political prioritization. It's clear that the work that needs to be done is utmost right now, not petty politics. There is an orderly process within the Liberal party that is being followed. Move on.

- The same seriousness of purpose was shown by Layton and Duceppe as well. They were talking issues, not parties.

A good start, it just needs to be consistent throughout the week...