Monday, December 01, 2008

Conservative Christmas party tonight

Best wishes for a festive evening...:) I suggest the following excellent report for party small-talk: "Conservatives 'fume' about blunder." (h/t Dymaxion World) Sample fare for the Conservative faithful to celebrate this evening:
Their blades remain sheathed but astonished Conservatives are quietly fuming about the tactical blunder they fear could toss them into opposition.

And the blame seems to be landing on the prime minister's doorstep.

Stunned Conservatives MPs are barely concealing their outrage. Many are venting their anger in private because of Stephen Harper's iron grip on the party and the uncertain prospects of a coalition of opposition parties.

But while a few blame Harper's new top aide, Guy Giorno, for putting their government on a knife's edge, most lay responsibility for their unprecedented predicament squarely at the feet of the prime minister.

"The prime minister is ultimately his own chief strategist," said one Conservative MP from a western province.

"He got us into this. We need him to get us out."

Asked how he might do that, the MP said, "do whatever it takes."
Now that doesn't sound very Christmassy!

Here's a tip, party attendees...I would watch for the size of the crowds around Mr. Prentice and Mr. Baird tonight. Just sayin'...:)

Wonder who got Harpie in the "Secret Santa" pool?

Seriously now...for all the quiet ruminations and fulminations, these Conservatives who have acceded to Mr. Harper's "iron grip" on their party are entirely responsible for their difficulties at the present time. What did they expect to happen? A democracy is not a one-man show. Quietly sitting by and letting it happen...they're reaping what they've sown.

And on that note...a very Merry Christmas to all Conservatives partying it up tonight!